Pre-Packed Range

The Pre-packed Range is our core product that we brought to the market over 25 years ago.  In this range, the selected raspberry canes & other fruit plants are packed in compost in black polypots and come tagged with pictorial labels.  The packs are free-standing and are available from October to February.  This is a high quality product and is not to be confused with a budget supermarket fruit range.


The asparagus & rhubarb in this range are packed in clear blister packs with a pictorial label.

The potted strawberries are supplied in 9cm black pots and come supplied with pictorial labels.  They come in outers of 96 with 24 each of 4 varieties.

The Pre-packed range is supplied mainly in outers of 12 except for the 10 pack raspberries that are in outers of 10.  Half outers can be ordered, but incur a surcharge of 20p extra per pack.

The minimum order in this range is 8 outers.  Carriage paid orders are over £495 and if your initial order in the season is over this, all future top-up orders placed throughout the season will be supplied carriage free provided they are over £220.

Website Upgrade

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