About Us

The Moyness Nurseries Garden Centre has grown in recent years with most of the site under cover to enable customers to browse in comfort during inclement weather. It also ensures that the plants are kept in optimum condition, protected from the elements.

Today the core of the James McIntyre & Sons business is soft fruit propagation. We currently have approximately 32 acres of ground distributed throughout Perthshire, mainly within a 10 mile radius of the nursery in Blairgowrie. In September the two year old canes are lifted and brought into our nursery where they are potted and dispatched to Garden Centres throughout the UK . This process continues throughout most of the year, as soft fruit becomes more and more popular, so the demand for the plants continues to grow.

The Florist Shop is based within the main garden centre premises where there is always a varied selection of good quality flowers on display. We combine the freshest supplies with our imagination and expertise to produce a memorable product of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on personal service, consistent quality goods, served in a warm and welcoming environment.

At present there are five members of the McIntyre family actively involved in the business which also employs five full time staff and up to thirty part time staff during our busy autumn season.

The company premises is located on the A94 about half a mile out of the centre of Blairgowrie. The site is part of the original Moyness Farm and the family house. For further directions please see our contact details page.

Website Upgrade

Our website will be getting a fresh look in the next couple of months, please bear with us in the meantime.